Gian Paolo Jesi, Ph.D.

(post doctoral researcher)


Department of Management Science

via Capo di Lucca, 34

40126 Bologna (BO) - Italy

phone: (+39) 051 2098333

fax: (+39) 051 2094510

e-mail: jesi at cs unibo it

Research interests:

My interests include distributed computing, P2P, agent based modeling (ABM), mobile devices, gossip protocols, self-organization and complex adaptive systems (CAS) in general. During my Ph.D., I focused on security issues in fully-decentralized (gossip) protocols.

Currently, I am still in the CAS domain, but from a different perspective: I am focusing on agent based modeling (ABM) for production processes, agile manufacturing and supply chains.

Short bio:

I received my MSc in computer science from the University of Bologna in 2002; after a 1-year work experience in an Italian IT company, I had the opportunity to move to the University of Bologna joining the BISON project and the Prof. Ozalp Babaoglu’s group.

After receiving my Ph.D. in 2007, I started working with Prof. Edoardo Mollona focusing on firm organizational models using agent-based simulation.

During 2009-2011, I worked at the University of Trento in the TRITon, then I moved back to Bologna to work with Guido Fioretti in ABM.

I visited the Packaging Logistics Division at Lund University during March, May and June 2012.